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I help sleep deprived parents master the art of getting their babies to sleep through the night and improve daytime sleep by using age appropriate,  gentle sleep approaches catered to your child. I am a certified baby + toddler sleep consultant helping parents (like you) reclaim your sleep and your sanity by providing proven techniques that will improve the quality of you and your baby's sleep patterns.

How I became a sleep coach:

My husband and I welcomed our first baby Wyatt, in August of 2020. When Wyatt was born, he was the dream newborn, slept long stretches, napped wherever he was, and was a very happy go lucky babe. When he was five weeks, we noticed we hit a major roadblock- acid reflux. What once was my happy baby, was now my screaming baby who would not nap- going sometimes 6-7 hours without sleeping, and just screaming.


With my husband back at work, I thought I was going insane. I worked with a sleep consultant who helped us teach Wyatt how to self soothe, fall asleep independently, and extend his nap times.


I realized, the way I felt for those few months, I never wanted any parent to feel that way, and decided to get my certification. My passion is helping families get the sleep they need, and I cannot wait to connect with you, and become apart of your fam!

You will sleep again

my sleep packages help to:

Work on night wakings

Wean nighttime feedings

Tackle early morning wake ups

Set up a flexible nap routine and implement longer and stronger naps

Establish 10-12 hours of independent sleep in your baby's own sleeping space

Guide your baby to self soothe + fall asleep on their own

Work within YOU + YOUR BABY'S comfort levels

Handle various setbacks including: teething, travel, and sleep regressions, transitioning from crib to bed

Your sleep journey begins here



0-4 Months 

Healthy sleep habits, start from the moment your little one is home with you. Let's work together to encourage healthy Sleep habits from the start!


baby + toddler

4-48 Months 

Working with your child 4 months + to get through regressions, nap transitioning, and more!


add on

0-48 Months 

Looking for additional services over the rainbow has to offer? Click here, I offer 1`0% off packages for returning clients.

sleep facts


Percent of parents get less than the recommend 8 hours of sleep per night


 The amount of sleep regressions your child will go through in the first 2 years


Weeks, typical age where babies began to sleep through the night


Minutes, is the average sleep cycle for a newborn


Years old is the average time to begin transitioning your child into a toddler bed


After Caroline (and everyone else) recovered from The Longest Cold Ever, I spent some time revisiting your audio recordings. I am SO grateful for them, because I had forgotten much of what you had said because we had taken such a long break from training. It took her about a week to settle into the routine, but we were so amazed at how quickly she adjusted to being put down awake! 


Caroline also adjusted super quickly to going down awake at naptime- I will rock her a little bit and then she usually asks to be put in her crib and given her blanket and favorite book! I can't believe the difference! (She actually adjusted to going down awake at naptime *before* she adjusted to going down awake at bedtime) I attribute this *hands down* to finding the perfect waketime window. 5-5.5 hours is her magic hour for naps. 


Caroline also has been sleeping consistently through the night, which has been AMAZING. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT! 


Honestly, you have been such an incredible resource and help to us! I cannot thank you enough!

-The Pross Family


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