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Dreamland Baby

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Better sleep, starts here.

Let me start off by saying, I only promote and support products I've used, and feel good about, and Dreamland Baby is on the top of my list. This company was created by a mom who was in your position, sleep deprived and trying anything and everything to help her little one calm down and get restful sleep. Realizing that a little bit of weight on her child instantly satisfied him and helped him sleep, is where she came to her AHA moment. She has now designed and produced products to help other sleep deprived parents out there have a safe solution to getting better sleep.

There are SO many products out on the market today, it can all be very overwhelming, especially as a first time mom or parent. These companies all market with the idea that their products will help get your baby to sleep, so what makes Dreamland Baby stand out from the rest?


+ The weight is gentle and evenly distributed

+ It helps to reduce stress, and improves relaxation through deep touch stimulation

+ As a result, it increases melatonin in your childs body helping them to fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer

+ The material is lightweight and can be used year round for winter + summer months

+ The products are made with premium materials and 100% cotton which makes it super soft and cozy.

+ They come in various colors, sizes, and patterns!

Have I caught your attention yet? These weighted sleep sacks, swaddles and blankets are perfect for little ones who:calm quickly and easily when you place your hand on their chest/back, if your baby seems fussy or nervous often, or if you suspect that your child has sensory processing challenges.

I've come across so many baby + toddler products during my time in the sleep training world, but these products feel like a superior product compared to many of the sleepwear products out there. Of course, as a parent your childs safety comes first, and since this is a newer product to the market you're probably wondering if this is safe for your baby to use.

These products are doctor-approved, exceed CPSC standards, and are OEKO-TEX®certified. Dreamland Baby Co even has a weighted blanket option for toddlers who need more comfort at night. I received our sleep sack in the mail and immediately began to use it with our son, and I can confidently recommend this one in a heartbeat.

Are you ready to start getting the quality sleep both you and your little one so deserve? Shop here using this link. Dreamland Baby makes for the perfect present for any parent under the tree this year!

Shop here using this link!

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